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Complete Online Platform - No Mess, No Fuss

Our animal management software is completely hosted and managed by Hospitium. Only mess with servers if you decide to download and run the open source version.

Support and Maintenance – Easy and Efficient

Being a web based hosted solution means your software is always up to date. Your animal shelter gets all the latest features and improvements for free. Never worry about updating again. Our online support makes getting help fast and easy.

Help and Training - We Love To Help Out

We have worked hard to make Hospitium as simple to use as possible, but sometimes a little help may be necessary. Either live chat with a Hospitium representative, or ask for help on our online forums.

Cross-Platform - Use Hospitium From Anywhere

Mac, Windows, Linux? It doesn't matter. Our only requirement is a browser. Hospitium has also been designed to work on mobile devices such as an iPad.

Financial Costs - Can't Beat Free

Hospitium is currently free to use for shelters and rescues of all sizes. From 1 to 1,000,000 animals, Hospitium is ready for you.

A Not Complete List Of Features

  • Unlimited number of animals with up to four photos each.
  • Export of adoptable animals data to Adopt-A-Pet.
  • Organization page shows details about your group and includes a google map to your facility.
  • Printable cage cards.
  • Animal contact QR Codes.
  • Microchip tracking.
  • Private contacts contains complete information for volunteers, veterinarians, adoption contacts, and other contacts.
  • Animal Notes: store anything you want about the animal while it is with your organization; vet visits, adoption, arrival, status changes, foster placements and returns, applications and contracts received, and deaths.
  • Key-word animal search: find the animals you are looking for quickly.
  • User definable animal statuses.
  • User definable animal colors.
  • User definable animal species.
  • Public adoptable animal listing and search.
  • On-line help.
  • Chart and graph animal weights over time.
  • Collaborate with other users real-time.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Works great on tablets.
  • Add video from YouTube to your animals.
  • Secure. We keep your private info private.
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Not Right For You?

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