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  • Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

    Travis Berry posted on 03-25-2012

    The new backend is here! It took a little longer than hoped but we put a lot more in.

    As you can see there is a complete new style to ...

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  • New Backend UI Coming

    Travis Berry posted on 02-17-2012

    So it's been a while since there's been much activity here. Well today we're glad to announce a new backend UI launching sometime next we...

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  • Slow But Steady

    Travis Berry posted on 11-07-2011

    Haven't posted in a while and thought I'd give a quick status update. There haven't been any major new features coming out lately but the...

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  • Sync Your Animals To Adopt A Pet!

    Travis Berry posted on 10-24-2011

    In an effort to not let other pet listings ruin it for everybody, w...

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  • Using PetFinder Is Bad For Your Health

    Travis Berry posted on 10-21-2011

    I don't like having to publicly blast companies or developers but in this case PetFinder is too big and too arrogant to be ignored.


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  • Paid Plans

    Travis Berry posted on 10-18-2011

    In an effort to be as up front as possible about the planned future of Hospitium we just want to get this out of the way now.

    **Yes, l...

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  • New Docs & Support

    Travis Berry posted on 10-18-2011

    We have a new place for Hospitium docs and support.

    The great folks over at Tender App have hooked Hospitium ...

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  • New Changes Launched!

    Travis Berry posted on 10-17-2011

    The major changes mentioned in the last post have gone live.

    When you signup for an...

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  • Major Change Coming

    Travis Berry posted on 10-15-2011

    There is a pretty major change coming in the way hospitium works.

    Currently a user can belong to any number of organizations. Regardle...

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  • Now 100% More Social!

    Travis Berry posted on 10-14-2011

    Hospitium now supports sending adoption links to Twitter and Facebook. Just click the send to buttons on the animal page in the admin int...

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