I don't like having to publicly blast companies or developers but in this case PetFinder is too big and too arrogant to be ignored.

Hospitium will not now, nor ever, support PetFinder.

PetFinder is a walled garden that tries as hard as it can to lock you into their service. That conflicts with our ideals that all your data should be free for you to do with it what you want.

We have tried reaching out to PetFinder to allow us to send your animals to them for listing and have been stone walled. The basics of it are they want your page views to make money off of you, and they get less page views if you don't go to their site. This is entirely within their right to do so, but in an age of ever increasing data platforms and API's we feel this is no longer acceptable. One of the reasons Hospitium is looking at paid plans is to prevent us from becoming whores to advertising and no longer developing our services in your best interest.

With that said we hope you re-consider your use of PetFinder to push them to realize that as consumers, shelter workers, and animal lovers we will not tolerate services looking out for their bottom line more than the animals they claim to help.

We are not the only service this has happened to. The great folks at rescuegroups.org had similar experiences. http://rescuegroups.wordpress.com/2009/09/21/update-concerning-petfinder-preventing-pet-updates/

We are currently looking for ways to help you export your data and leave PetFinder as well as developing hard on our public adoption pages and services to offer as a replacement. Of course ours will be entirely open.

Edit 10/23/11: We now support sending public animals to Adopt-A-Pet.

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Using PetFinder Is Bad For Your Health - Hospitium