If you are thinking of adopting an animal for yourself or your family, here are some tips.

Avoid impulses

It's easy to see a cute face and decide right then and there you need to love them forever. Resist this urge. Make sure you fully understand the commitment you'll be making by taking them home.

Do your research

Read up on the shelter you are thinking of adopting from. Learn what requirements they have on adoptions. Also learn about the type of animal you are thinking of adopting. This is really important if it is a new type of animal.

Ask first

It's always best to reach out to the animal shelter first. Some shelters have specific enquiry guidelines while others do not. Follow any guidelines and try to keep the messages short. Give any experience you have with the type of animal, and a brief overview of what you can offer for living conditions.

Visit the animal

Visiting the animal before adopting can help make sure the decision is a correct one. Some shelters will even let you bring in other pets so this can be a good opportunity to introduce current pets to the potential adoption.

Be patient

Most importantly be patient. It's best to go slow and really make sure adopting a pet is a good decision for you, your family, and the animal.

If you are still thinking of adopting an animal, why not start with our adoption list?

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